Samuel Ashley Japan



Popular Yusex backpack

Smart storage for both PC and documents
samuelashley original PC compatible bag is now available!

The smart rectangular form can neatly store not only
PCs but also textbooks and documents.
The main pocket with a wide opening allows you to put in and take out luggage from the side without putting down the bag. The two belts on the outer bottom can easily store a wet folding umbrella. In addition, the shoulder strap has card storage, and if you attach an IC card, you can enter and exit the ticket gate stress-free.

・ Smart form but high
storage capacity ・ Backpack that is very active in the remote work era ・ Safe with water-repellent nylon fabric ・ Tannin leather × nylon casual design
・ Thin, light and easy to

carry cowhide

・ Nylon / Size: 33x43x10cm

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